Snow Management

Keep Your Buisness Open This Winter by Hireing Kellett's Landscaping for All your Snow Removal Needs!

Southeastern Pennsylvania winters produce ice and snowfall each year which can have a detrimental impact on your business. Parking lots and sidewalks covered in snow are a safety hazard that impacts the accessibility to your business for both customers and employees.

Removing snow and ice from access roads, parking lots, sidewalks, shipping docks is critical to the operation of your business. As an experienced commercial snow removal and ice management company, Kellett’s Landscaping has been providing plowing and salting services to businesses for over a decade. We support corporate offices, shopping centers, retail stores, apartment complexes, hospitals, healthcare facilities, and industrial properties.


Kellett’s Landscaping is the ideal snow removal contractor for your winter property maintenance.

Pennsylvania Winters Can Be Brutal – We Can Help!

Our continuous weather monitoring and 24/7 hours of operation means your business will always be prepared. We provide snow plowing and salting services because keeping your facilities safe and accessible is important. We aim to keep your business open and keep customers and employees alike safe from the risks of winter weather. 

We’ve earned a reputation as one of the safest, efficient and reliable snow removal companies in Southeastern Pennsylvania. We are SIMA and ASCA Certified!


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