Kellett's team is ready for all your landscaping needs!

All our experts have been put through professional, comprehensive training on how to carry out various landscaping designs and installations.

Kellett’s team consists of architects and designers and certified/licensed contractors with unparalleled expertise building complete back yard renovations and home additions.

Not only are we a full-service commercial ground maintenance company, but we can also offer you property upgrades that will enhance the appearance and safety of your outdoor investment.

Landscaping is not only a necessity here in Bucks County but it is also a way to improve the beauty and quality of your home. Homes especially high-end ones are a huge investment and require maintenance to keep their appeal.

As an experienced commercial snow removal and ice management company, Kellett’s Landscaping has been providing plowing and salting services to businesses for over a decade.

Does your property tend to get soggy, never dry or even flood? We can solve all your water drainage problems with efficient and creative solutions!

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