Landscape Design & Installation

From design to installation, Kellett's landscaping company does it all!

We are a reputable landscape contractor of high-end residential homes and commercial environments. Our team of talented, highly-experienced, skilled, and creative landscaping experts are ready to make your landscaping dreams come true. All our experts have been put through professional, comprehensive training on how to carry out various landscaping designs and installations. We are always ready to help make your high-end residential home or corporate campus and its surroundings more beautiful and visually appealing.

At Kellett’s we highly value transparency and giving you total control of your project. Our team is here to work with you! We believe it’s your property and you are the one who will live with it in the foreseeable future, so it only makes sense for you to have it exactly the way you want it. We work with you in order to get it exactly right. Our representatives will be available to speak with you and discuss your landscaping options. Be assured with our services that you will be 100% satisfied.

Get the perfect landscape design for your property!

We want your property to be exactly how you want it! In order to do that there are a few things our team needs to do in order to create a design.

1. First we need to have a consultation. Our experts and you will have a conversation of what you need and want done.

2. Next we will do an on-site evaluation. We need to know what we are working with! So we need measurements and pictures of where the work is being done.

3. Then our team will make functional diagrams, utilizing all the information we’ve gathered in the previous steps. This will turn into a conceptual design plan and soon after the finalized design plan!

4. Once all the plans are made and you approve of it then we can finally get to the installation! Once all the work is done you get to enjoy the property of your dreams!

Contact us to learn more about our landscape services or to get started on your own personalized design!


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